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Woods Hollow was recently chosen by as a featured property on their website.
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This is a beautiful, exquisite property.

My wife and I wanted to get away from the noise and heat of Las Vegas during the summer, but where to go? Substituting the dry heat for the humidity of a tropical beach with mosquitos didn’t appeal to us. Someone mentioned Vermont, googled and found this delightful retreat. The house is georgeous, the grounds are stunning and we spent a very lazy, relaxing summer enjoying the moment. Vermont is a delightful state, with real nice people and there is so much to do here – and Montreal is only a 2-hour drive away too! The property management team was both discrete and very professional – no hesitation in giving my highest recommendation and we will be back again soon.

– Didier, Las Vegas, NV

Woods Hollow is a fantastic place to spend a quiet weekend with that special person. The house is very comfortable, secluded and private – and there’s stuff to do when you run out of things to say!

– Barney, St Louis, MO

Spectacular, delightful and just what I needed!

– Gustav, Switzerland

Been here a few times for long weekends during the summer and in the winter for skiing getaways. An easy 5-hour drive from New York and you are in the middle of ski country. I really enjoy just relaxing here, in good company while taking in the stunning scenery, watching a beautiful sunset with a cold one in my hand. It really is a great place to get away from the madness of city life and I can bring my 2 dogs to0 – I love this place!

– James, New York, NY